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Halden's new creative hub opened its doors in January 2022. In addition to being a venue for all types of culture, the Kulturhuset is also intended for anyone who just wants to take a breather and relax, experience culture and meet friends.


The first floor contains a cafe where everyone is welcome to enjoy food and drink, both during the day and in the evening, and the venue Kulturhuset is also available for those who want a place for a course or conference as we are doing with the Halden IMFF.


During the Halden IMFF as we showcase the unique history and creativity of the town, the Kulturhuset will be the main networking venue, a gathering point for participants. It is here is where sessions of the Business Program will be held, meals served, and special activities staged each day.

Halden Theatre (Kino)


In November 2021, Halden's new super cinema open in what had earlier been the Skofabrikken (shoe factory). With a total of 3 cinema halls,  Kinohuset has state of the art sound and film technology,  excellent facilities that will be used as the main entertainment venue for the Halden IMFF.


Kulturhuset will be the main venue, a gathering point for participants. It is here is where the majority of the films will be screened, and keynote sessions of the Business Program will be held, with special activities such as the Opening and Closing sessions staged here as well.  


Halden Kino is part of the cinema chain Nordisk Film Kino. Nordisk Film Kino wants to give you the ultimate movie experience, entertain you with the latest films in the best cinema halls.


Built in 1879, for over a century the building was a locomotive shed and warehouse for the busy railway station in Halden, falling into disrepair as time passed.  But what is now called Byparken experienced a resurrection starting in 2021 when renovation began.


Now the building stands as the centerpiece of what is fast becoming a new town area of cultural activities in Halden. Located right next to the train station, Byparken will be the location of evening activities each evening during the Halden International Music Film Festival:

Thursday: 19:00 - 02:00


We have gathered some of the sharpest voices in Norway to discuss the connection between rock, journalism and social development. Participants include Thomas Seltzer - an American citizen with a background as a musician and songwriter in Turboneger and presenter of a number of TV programs over the years, including UXA. The debate is open to the public and the evening continues with live music.


Friday: 19:00 - 02:00


Join us for an evening of Texas-inspired food, entertainment and the real Austin feel.

Live music with a Doug Sahm tribute band fronted by Jan Dahlen and the Kulseth brothers.

Good food, good music and lots of fun that will end the second day of the Halden International Music Film Festival!


Saturday 19:00 – 02:00


Film and Music - all night (almost)

Enjoy an evening of live and DJ music at Byparken!

...more information to come.


For delegates with a festival pass, all entertainment is included in the pass.

For everyone else, individual tickets can be purchased here.

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