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Sisters with Transistors - Poster - mid res.jpg


This will be the concluding day of the Halden International Music Film Festival, and it is the day where the town and the festival will gather to celebrate. Bringing together the live music, film - and good old Halden southern hospitality – we invite you to join us on a very special day.


You will find activity all over town.


KULTURHUSET (from 9:00 am – 13:15, mingling until 18:00)

The day here begins with complimentary coffee offered by the magazine Ballad.


Then, the HIMF Business Program continues with a condensed Master Class in Documentary Filmmaking by the award-winning documentary producer Jeffrey Brown followed by the final installment of Arvid Skanke-Knutsen’s music video presentation.


Delegates can then enjoy lunch, with mingling until 18:00. The exhibitions are open all day long, closing at 18:00.


HALDEN KINO (from 10:30 – 15:30)

Catch a film for the first time or see a classic film for second time. A delegate pass provides free entry, others can purchase a Film Pass for all films (except the closed screenings) for all days for just 400 NOK


Today you can see these films at the Halden Kino:


  • Moonage Daydream

  • Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

  • Sisters with Transistors

  • The Saxon Pub: Nothing stays the same

  • Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove

  • Heaven Stood Still – The incarnations of Willy deVille



Tickets can be purchased here (200 NOK)

It is in the afternoon that the Folkfest really begins to gain momentum. From 15:30 you can see the classic Last Waltz.


As with all films, Delegates can attend with their Festival Pass or their dag passes. Please note that the FILM PASS does not include the Last Waltz event, this can be purchased separately,


Then from 19:00, join us down at the Byparken venue for the Last Party!


BYPARKEN (from 19:00)

From 19:00 everyone will be heading down to the Byparken for the party that begins at 19:30 with a special screening of the documentary short about the legendary local Henning Kvitness.


Then at 21:00 we kick into high gear with the hottest local band around – Norma.


At midnight, we bid you farewell for this year’s HIMF!

Last Waltz.png
Sisters with Transistors - Poster - mid res.jpg

From 10:00 
Kulturhuset, Halden Kino, Aladdin Scene and Byparken



9:00 Ballad welcomes you to the Kulturhuset

Join the magazine Ballad as it welcomes you for morning coffee, snacks and a chat. 

9:30 A Condensed Master Class in Documentary Filmmaking

Jeffrey Brown

The award-winning documentary producer Jeffrey Brown (No No: A Dockumentary, Punk in Africa, Nothing Stays The Same, Cowboys) will lead a condensed 2 houe Master Class on how you can create an affordable, down-to-earth approach to story, funding, production, festival strategy, and distribution to documentary filmmakers of all levels.


Participants will be invited to troubleshoot specific project related issues and will be offered practical tips about the filmmaking process including:


  • Attitude, managing expectations & a comprehensive approach

  • Creating a strong, feasible story

  • Sources of finance: public grants to crowdfunding to private investment

  • Crews, cast, documentation, the shooting process

  • Post-production

  • Festival strategy/Marketing

  • Distribution


Having created and produced films internationally, Jeffrey Brown has extensive experience with foreign markets. He has produced over 30 films, screened in over 100 festivals and 50 countries and consults on numerous film projects. For more information about Jeffrey Brown, please see his production company website

11:30 am

Presented by Ballad: Music Video morning with Arvid Skancke-Knutsen


Each day, Arvid Skancke-Knutsen has brought you updates about the student Music Video workshop being held this week. This morning, we will hear from the students and see the results. Lean back and enjoy what these talents have created.

Nothing Stays The Same_edited.jpg


Catch a film for the first time or see a classic film for second time. A delegate pass provides free entry, others can purchase a Film Pass for all films (except the closed screening on Thursday and The Last Waltz at the Aladdin on Saturday




Today you can see these films at the Halden Kino:


Morning films

10:15  Moonage Daydream (Sal 1)

           2022 USA, Directed by Brett Morgen   

11:00  Nothing stays the same -  The Story of the Saxon Pub (Sal 2)

           2019 USA, Directed by Jeff Sandmann

11:00  Heaven Stood Still - The Incarnations of Willie deVille (Sal 3)

           2022 USA, Directed by Larry Locke

Afternoon films

13:00  Hallelujah Leonard Cohen - A Journey, A Song (Sal 1)

           2021 USA, Directed by Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine

13:00  Sir Doug and the Genuine Texas Cosmic Groove (Sal 2)

           2015 USA, Directed by Joe Nick Patosk

13:00 Sisters with Transistors (Sal 3)

           2020 UK, Directed by Lisa Rovner


Remember, for FILM PASS holders, all films are ion a "first come - first seated" basis, so be sure to come out early for the films you want to see.

Leonard Cohen.png
Sisters with Transistors - Poster - mid res.jpg


Lunch will be served in the Kulturhuset from 12:30


For those with a full delegate or day pass, lunch is covered as part of the package.


Last chance to see the exhibitions (closing at 18:00 today)

  • Exhibition about animation in music videos

  • Exhibition telling about the Bluesttown of Notodden and their sister town Clarksdale

  • Poster art from Austin

  • Photo exhibition with concert photos of artists from the films shown at the festiva


ALADDIN SCENE (open from 15:00)

It is in the afternoon that the Folkfest really begins to gain momentum. From 15:30 you can see the classic Last Waltz.

Delegates can attend with their Festival Pass or Day Passes. Please note that the FILM PASS includes all films except closed screenings and the Last Waltz and the Aladdin Scene..

You can purchase your FILM PASS here 


Remember, "first come - first served" for those with a FILM PASS, so get here early!



Directed by Martin Scorsese

The Last Waltz is a classic - praised as one of the greatest documentary concert films ever made. The concert was produced and managed by Bill Graham and was filmed by director Martin Scorsese, who made it into a documentary of the same title, released in 1978.

This was the Band's "farewell concert appearance", and joining The Band at this legendary concert were more than a dozen special guests including Bob Dylan, Paul Butterfield, Bobby Charles, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters, Ronnie Wood, and Neil Young.

Do not miss this! The start of a great evening to round off the first annual HIMF!

Tickets here.

200 NOK

Last Waltz.png

19:00 - 02:00
NORMA from ca. 

For delegates with a full delegate pass, entry is free. For others, you can purchase your ticket here. Beverages are available to purchase as you enjoy some of the best music we can offer.

The doors open at 19:00 and prepare yourself for a fine conclusion to the first annual Halden International Music Film Festival with the band Norma.


Norma appeared at the "Aladdin Americana" festival in the Americana town of Halden in August last summer. Four musicians from the "Unge Folk i Halden" milieu who have broken the eternal country-rock code; Jørgen Kjeholt Nilsen (guitar, vocals), Thor Andreas Holberg Murtnes (guitar, vocals), Levi André Nuet (bass) and Oscar Rølling (drums).

In the winter of 2023, Norma has been in the studio to record her first mini-album with Følstad Nilsen as producer.

in the space of half a year, the quartet has managed to attract attention outside Halden's borders as well and has brought along Simen Følstad Nilsen (also from Halden) on pedal steel guitar.


Nilsen also plays with the country band Embla and the Karidotters and with the rock duo Aiming for Enrike.


See you next year at the 2024 Halden International Music Film Festival!

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