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International Music Film Festival 16-18 February 2023


International Music Film Festival 16-18 February 2023


International Music Film Festival 16-18 February 2023


International Music Film Festival 16-18 February 2023



1. Description of Norway Communicates AS

Norway Communicates AS works with creative development and implementation of event, film and other cultural industry projects in Norway. Our aim is to contribute to growth, value creation and jobs as a result of Norway Communicates AS's film and cultural industry activities.


2. Change of Terms

Norway Communicates AS reserves the right to change the conditions for HIMF (Halden Internasjonal Musikkfilm Festival) at any time.


It is your responsibility to check periodically for changes, but changes that will obviously be an inconvenience to the customer will be notified in writing in advance.


3. Pricing

The service fee is added to the ticket price and is paid by the end user. The service fee is not refunded. The service fee is paid by the end user at the same time as payment for the actual ticket and events and accrues in full to Norway Communicates AS


Tickets purchased with invoice

For tickets purchased with an invoice, there is an invoice fee of NOK 39, which is paid by the end user in addition to the ordinary ticket fee.


Norway Communicates AS is responsible for complying with rules according to the Value Added Tax Act, and is itself responsible for setting the correct VAT code on the ticket categories.


4. Payment

Norway Communicates AS currently uses the payment service provider Stripe for transactions paid by card, Svea for transactions paid by invoice to companies and private individuals, and VIPPS for other transactions in Norway. All debit, credit card and VIPPS transactions are paid in Norwegian currency.


5. Binding registration

All registrations are binding when the participant has received confirmation of this upon registration or upon payment of the participation fee.

  • Norway Communicates AS is not responsible for loss or damage during the event.

  • Participation is at your own risk.

-     Norway Communicates AS may have to cancel the event due to events beyond our 



6. Confirmation

For each individual ticket purchase, Norway Communcates AS will generate an e-mail with a receipt, confirmation and a unique reference number.


7. Your registration obligations

In order to register, you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself that is requested at the time of registration.


8. Confidentiality

Norway Communicates AS as the organizer undertakes not to sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transfer, display publicly, publicly perform or publish information about the participant, unless the participant has given permission to do so.


9. Force Majeure

If Norway Communicates AS, due to circumstances beyond Norway Communicates AS's control, is unable to deliver the event (Halden International Music Film Festival), or parts of the event in accordance with the order, Norway Communicates AS is not responsible for damage or inconvenience caused to the customer. Norway Communicates AS must immediately notify the Customer if such conditions should occur.


10. Compensation

You agree that Norway Communicates AS, our partners and employees shall not be held liable for direct or indirect losses, costs and expenses as a result of any claim, demand, lawsuit, proceeding, or investigation made by a third party (participants, initiators and suppliers ) about violations of these terms.


11. All information provided by you is subject to the Norway Communicates AS privacy policy, and is hereby incorporated as a reference in our Terms and Conditions.


12. Trademarks, service marks, logos and other intellectual property

Halden International Music Film Festival's trademarks, service marks and logos are owned by Norway Communicates AS. Such trademarks, service marks, logos, etc. are subject to copyright, and must not be used under any circumstances without written permission from Norway Communicates AS.


13. General

These terms constitute the entire agreement between you as a participant and Norway Communicates AS.


These terms are regulated by Norwegian legislation, as they apply to agreements entered into in Norway. If there are conflicts with terms in this agreement and Norwegian law, Norwegian law applies.

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