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We would like to welcome into Halden International Music Film Festival Supporter Club two of the local bank foundations who have kindly provided funding for the Halden International Music Film Festival.

Berg Sparebank

Established in 1915, Berg Sparebank prioritizes community service through financial support of activities of a cultural, sporting or social nature in Halden. The environment has always been important to the bank, and Berg Sparebank is environmentally certified within a wide range of areas including health safety, purchasing, material consumption, energy consumption,– the goals to achieve environmental improvements, better working environment and an environmentally friendly operation.

Sparebank1stiftelsen Halden

Sparebank1stiftelsen Halden was established in 2011 in conjunction with the merger between Rygge and Vaaler Sparebank and Halden Sparebank.

Sparebank1stiftelsen Halden was established to ensure that the capital that has accumulated over time in Halden Sparebank, which was liquidated, remains in the local community and is managed through Sparebank1stiftelsen Halden.

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