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Presenting the main venues

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

The charm of the town of Halden is that everything is located centrally in the quaint but modern downtown area. This includes the two of main venues, the Halden Theatre and the Kulturhuset (House of Culture).

Halden Theatre

In November 2021, Halden's new super cinema opened, with state of the art sound and film technology, excellent facilities that will be used as the main entertainment venue for the Halden IMFF.

As one of the main venues, the Halden Theatre will be a gathering point for participants.

It is here is where the majority of the films will be screened, and keynote sessions of the Business Program will be held, with special activities such as the Opening and Closing sessions staged here as well.

Halden Kino is part of the cinema chain Nordisk Film Kino. Here, participants will have the ultimate music film experience during the festival.

The Kulturhuset

The networking hub for the Halden International Music Film Festival will be the Kulturhuset – the House of Culture. Halden's new creative hub opened its doors in January 2022. This will be a gathering point for participants, where sessions of the Business Program will be held, meals served, and special activities staged each day.

Halden IMFF participants will be able to enjoy a café where everyone is welcome to enjoy food and drink, both during the day and in the evening. The Kulturhuset is located in the old boys' school on the north side of Halden town centre, and indeed has something for everyone.

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