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In collaboration with Kulturhuset in Halden, we are organizing a Music Video Workshop from 14.-17. February, available for young people during the Halden International Music Film Festival.

The goal is for all participants in the Music Video Workshop to gain a deeper creative and technical understanding of how a music video is made.

At the same time, they will learn more about how they can use their own talents by making a music video themselves.

All costs are covered for the participants in the workshop, including costs for food, accommodation and use of necessary equipment. Participants will cover their own travel and incidental expenses, and bring their own equipment (cameras/PC, etc).

The workshop is in line with our aim to bring together people interested in film and music from Norway and abroad, who

are particularly interested in the connection

between music and film.

The festival will also be a door opener for students and younger talents who want to learn more about the film and music industry.

Stay tuned for more information, registration opens in November.

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